Bowling And Why The Kids Love It

Bowlero bowling

Bowling is one of those activities that fit into the category of fun things to do that include the whole family or friends and it’s guaranteed that everyone will have fun. It’s a game that incites a healthy competition spirit and time flies when we are bowling. Many people forget about this, but bowling is a great option for a less warm and shiny summer day, especially if they have children. When the summer vacations have started, and there are days that are not warm enough to go to the beach or you simply feel like doing something different and make sure that your children need to spend some energy, bowling is the next best choice.

If the summer day is too hot or rainy Bowlero is the best place to have fun among family and friends. Both children and adults can have a great time since it’s something that people like to do regardless their age group. Because Bowlero knows this, they have a very wide offer of activities to choose from.  Besides bowling, there are plenty other arcade activities to enjoy, for instance. This is why we suggest you taking your kids to Bowlero since they created programs to keep them entertained throughout all summer.

Bowlero bowling
bowlero bowling is amazing family fun

One of those programs is the Summer Games Season Pass for children. You can get the Summer Games Season Pass and use it starting on May 20th and lasting until September 2nd, which translates to 100 days, the full summer vacations. Just by looking at these dates you can tell that you won’t run out of ideas to keep your children entertained until they go back to school.

This pass is also very simple to acquire. You just have to access to Bowlero’s website, choose your location and then purchase it. But there’s more: if you’re planning to go out of town during this time period, you can upgrade this pass to a passport that will enable you to use any Bowlero place in the country. So, no matter what you have to do, no matter where you are in the country, if your children start to get bored you can just look for the nearest Bowlero place to take your kids.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth acquiring this pass, you’re doubts should be gone after you learn that it includes three bowl games every day you visit, alongside with free shoe rental. Comparing that to what you would have to pay if you didn’t have this pass, it would cost you less than three normal visits and you would still have 97 days left to use this pass.

The truth is, it is so effortless you don’t even need to bring your own bowling shoes. In short, you just have to bring your casual and comfortable clothes and a good mood to play, with shoe rental included in the pass. Let’s not forget that this is a very affordable activity apart from going to the beach, having into account all the games you can play.

In addition, Bowlero is a great place to host birthday parties, so if one of your children’s birthday falls on the summer months, you can take this opportunity to give your kid a birthday party like they never had before. Because of the laneside favourites you will have the food part covered. Bowlero offers kid-friendly menus that include pizzas, burgers, chicken tenders and cookies for a low price! You know that children are going to love those and immediately put them on party mode.

Even though you can enjoy three bowling games every day, there are still other arcade activities for both adults and children to enjoy, just in case your children aren’t just yet ready to go home which, let’s be honest, is very likely to happen. You don’t need to worry about prices because the summer games pass includes arcade activities too. For just $19.95 Bowlero offered an 80 Credit Arcade Card which reduces by half the price you would have to pay without the summer games pass.

Of course, after accessing to all these great advantages of having the summer games pass, you are more likely to get more benefits with the MVB (Most Valuable Bowler) reward program. This can be quite useful since MVBs can get a $5 reward for every $50 spent bowling or on shoe rental. For receiving your rewards, you just need to sign up with your account (if you don’t have one, you must create one) and enter your account information at checkout to be qualified.

Sometimes is hard to keep your kids active and from not getting bored throughout the long three months that are the summer vacations and, taking them to the beach or the pool does not always work. That’s why the programs that Bowlero created are so appealing for both children and adults. They offer so many games that you know that, in those days when no one felt like going outside and enjoy the sun, your kids won’t stay on the couch watching TV all day.Besides it’s great for family bonding, since learning to play bowling is not always straightforward as it seems and it may take more than one visit, especially for children, so it is a moment for parents to shine in the eyes of their kids by teaching them how to do it and, at the same time, everyone having fun together.

Bowlero may become a client so I am doing all the research I can on them.